Personal Vision

A personal vision statement can have a deep influence on one’s career, personal relationships and overall satisfaction with life. It can provide guidance and direction to all major life decisions. Experts on leadership and personal development like Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey and Peter Senge emphasize how vital it is for one to craft his/her own personal vision. This program is designed to help participants, Identify, Clarify, Refine and Document a personal vision statement. This statement will capture the dreams reflective of who they are and what their sense of calling, purpose, vocation, or meaning of life is.


An accomplished professional, Parvez comes with 27 years of experience that spans across diverse areas ranging from setting up sales & marketing structures to facilitating retreats focused on human processes. A corporate denizen for 22 years he has managed Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and Leadership Development for large organisations, giving him experience and insights in instructional systems design, program management and consulting with a proven track record of success. In the corporate world, Parvez, extends services as Trainer, Sales Force Effectiveness enhancer, Leadership facilitator, Executive Coach and Innovation Program Manager for building entrepreneurial culture in organisations.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outline

Target Audience

  • Discover aspirations and values through self-reflection and creative exercises.
  • Formulate personal vision that will help navigate through life with a clear sense of purpose
  • Discover the elements of one’s identity
  • Set personal goals
  • The Vision Prism
  • Identity
  • Developing Personal Values
  • Crafting Personal Vision
  • Students, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life

Face to Face

2 days, 14 hrs


8 Session, 90 mins