Innovation Management Fundamentals

Innovation Management, Business planning and Commercialisation skills are critical partners for business to succeed in a competitive environment where disruption gets you noticed and helps you win in the marketplace. Throughout this workshop, participant will utilize practical case studies, class exercises, real life experiences through global standards to learn from and be guided by our master facilitators. Individuals will learn to foster an entrepreneurial mind-set and utilize innovation Management, Business Planning and Commercialisation Skills to develop and nurture their ideas within a business framework.


John is a trusted advisor and has passionately assisted organisations to focus capability development and delivering to strategic objectives. He is a seasoned executive, technology guide, public speaker, management consultant, engineer, educator and coach. John has worked in the areas of Innovation, Business Analysis and Project and Portfolio Management within Professional Services, Telco, Finance, IT, Computer/Electronics and Manufacturing Industries for over 20 years and has personally worked with 100s of organisations. A 3rd of John’s career was spent with IBM in state of the art manufacturing, new product development and leadership roles in Asia Pacific. John was also the founding Chairman of the International Institute of Business Analysis in Australia and spent 5 years on the board of the Project Management Institute in Sydney Australia.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outline

Target Audience

  • Practical understanding of how Innovation Management, Business Planning and Commercialisation Skills are valuable to a business and help that business be more successful.
  • Develop a holistic, end to end high level plan for business, focused on a specific product and or services.
  • Practise presenting in front of a ‘Dragon’s Den’, walking stakeholders through their developed plans and receiving targeted feedback.
  • Innovation Management
  • Global Standards, IMBOK
  • Innovation Management Framework/Lifecycle
  • Useful tools and techniques
  • Surviving the Dragon’s Den
  • Dealing with Tough Love – Role of Dragons
  • Lessons Learned
    • practical activity included
  • People new to Innovation Management or seeking to leverage its power to realise benefits for themselves and their business
  • Internal and External organizational Disruptors.
  • Individuals with a brainwave, those preparing for investment, Entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs, Startups.

Face to Face

2 days, 14 hrs


5 days, 3hrs/day