Business Analysis Fundamentals

The role of a dedicated Business Analyst is a key success factor for any project. Too often the roles and responsibilities of the Business analyst are confused with that of a subject matter expert and the project manager. It is important to separate the role from who is assigned to fulfil it, based on the nature and size of a project. This workshop is aimed at helping individuals understand the fundamentals of Business Analysis, exploring key tools and techniques in a practical and results focused manner.


John is a trusted advisor and has passionately assisted organisations to focus capability development and delivering to strategic objectives. He is a seasoned executive, technology guide, public speaker, management consultant, engineer, educator and coach. John has worked in the areas of Innovation, Business Analysis and Project and Portfolio Management within Professional Services, Telco, Finance, IT, Computer/Electronics and Manufacturing Industries for over 20 years and has personally worked with 100s of organisations. A 3rd of John’s career was spent with IBM in state of the art manufacturing, new product development and leadership roles in Asia Pacific. John was also the founding Chairman of the International Institute of Business Analysis in Australia and spent 5 years on the board of the Project Management Institute in Sydney Australia.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outline

Target Audience

  • Importance of Business Analysis
  • Current Principles and framework of Business Analysis
  • Best practice methods for requirements determination and analysis
  • Interviewing methods
  • Apply methods and skills in case studies
  • The role of the Business Analyst
  • Business Analysis and the project lifecycle
  • Requirements
  • Interviewing
  • Defining the solution
  • Financial analysis and the business case
  • Process Modelling
  • Testing, training and implementation
  • Business analysts who are new to the role, who are developing their skills, or who are experienced and would like a more formal framework.
  • Managers and team leads seeking a business analysis focus, project managers who want to develop business analysis skills.

Face to Face

2 days, 14 hrs


5 days, 3hrs/day

Note. Course assumes no existing Business Analysis knowledge or experience. It is a general BA course, non – IT