Business Acumen and the Business Case

Good Business Acumen is often attributed to sound business strategy execution and a great solution. Success however, relies upon basing the solution on the right requirements, drawn from a sound, trusted and flexible Business Case. This workshop will introduce participants to the principles of writing an effective Business Case and help develop sound Business Acumen, it will be collaborative and case study driven.


John is a trusted advisor and has passionately assisted organisations to focus capability development and delivering to strategic objectives. He is a seasoned executive, technology guide, public speaker, management consultant, engineer, educator and coach. John has worked in the areas of Innovation, Business Analysis and Project and Portfolio Management within Professional Services, Telco, Finance, IT, Computer/Electronics and Manufacturing Industries for over 20 years and has personally worked with 100s of organisations. A 3rd of John’s career was spent with IBM in state of the art manufacturing, new product development and leadership roles in Asia Pacific. John was also the founding Chairman of the International Institute of Business Analysis in Australia and spent 5 years on the board of the Project Management Institute in Sydney Australia.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outline

Target Audience

  • Importance of business acumen and realistic and trusted business case
  • Current business principles
  • Objectives and purpose of a business case
  • Articulating benefits using common financial methods
  • Develop business acumen and business analysis skills
  • Evaluate a business case
  • Introducing the Business Case
  • Building the Business Case
  • Effective Business Case Writing
  • Selling the Business Case
  • Developing good business acumen and the skill of business case writing and justification is a very valuable both inside and outside of the work environment.

Face to Face

2 days, 14 hrs


5 days, 3hrs/day