We work with organizations to help them move from volatility to creating a vision, from uncertainty to understanding, from ambiguity to agility and from complexity to simplicity and build futures that really matter.

We aim to educate and embed core principles and concepts in various disciplines such as Innovation, Project Management, Business Analysis, Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to become innovative, cultivate leadership and transform to a dynamically changing organisation. 

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

    This popular Masterclass & Workshop on Digital Strategy & Transformation will open your mind to new digital business models to take advantage of the latest technologies & trends. The global adoption of web, mobile and social media with data analytics & Artificial Intelligence etc. are transforming consumer & business forces irreversibly.

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  • Personal Vision

    A personal vision statement can have a deep influence on one’s career, personal relationships and overall satisfaction with life. It can provide guidance and direction to all major life decisions. Experts on leadership and personal development like Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey and Peter Senge emphasize how vital it is for one to craft

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  • Project Management Fundamentals

    As organisations throughout the world have rapidly moved into a project centric culture, the need for skill and consistency in Project Management has become an essential ingredient for project and organizational success. This workshop is based upon the globally accepted Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and uses tools and templates. Coach

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  • Business Analysis Fundamentals

    The role of a dedicated Business Analyst is a key success factor for any project. Too often the roles and responsibilities of the Business analyst are confused with that of a subject matter expert and the project manager. It is important to separate the role from who is assigned to fulfil it,

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  • Business Acumen And The Business Case

    Good Business Acumen is often attributed to sound business strategy execution and a great solution. Success however, relies upon basing the solution on the right requirements, drawn from a sound, trusted and flexible Business Case. This workshop will introduce participants to the principles of writing an effective Business Case

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  • Innovation Management Fundamentals

    Innovation Management, Business planning and Commercialisation skills are critical partners for business to succeed in a competitive environment where disruption gets you noticed and helps you win in the marketplace. Throughout this workshop, participant will utilize practical case studies, class exercises, real life experiences through global standards to learn from and be

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