Change Facilitation

We help organizations and its leaders overcome common challenges when initiating, managing, leading and sustaining change.

Research continues to guide us towards taking a human centred approach and view change as a dynamic activity, as opposed to a series of episodes which happens from time to time.

We believe in going outside the “methodology and checklist” approach and partner with organisations to explore the current reality, the context and make sense of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Why is Change Facilitation important?

Change facilitation is important as it ensures people within organisations understand change, participate successfully to create the future state with total awareness and understanding that real and true change happens when mindsets and behaviours change.

What will you achieve with Change Facilitation?

  • Organisations will start to understand their people and their capabilities
  • Uncover Potential within their teams
  • Gauge the readiness of the organisation to change
  • Clarity in viewing change as part of the organisation’s DNA rather than an once off episode

How do we undertake Change Facilitation?

At Azure consulting we commence with the first stage which is educate and embed. 

This is when we start to work with small groups of people from senior leadership all the way to the junior levels at the tactical levels to teach them about change, help them understand their orientation to change, helping them understand what change will mean to them at an individual level in the current context and visualise the future state.

Solutions for Change Facilitation

Is your organisation ready for change?

  • Click the link below to get your FREE Change Readiness Check.
  • This is an opportunity to assess the position of your current leadership, stakeholders and process. This complimentary tool will allow you to receive a readiness score.